Friday, May 31, 2013

VaporJoes Canada Thanks You, Wherever You Are!

... it's Vapers in Canada, and Worldwide!

We want to thank you, vapers everywhere!

We've been at it a week and the people have spoken... you're coming from all corners of the globe to learn about the best Vaping Deals & Steals we have to offer to vapers in Canada and beyond. You've paid us over 27,000 visits in just seven days, and we're honored you did.

Shout outs to our visitors... in no particular order we welcome you all from Canada, the USA, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Romania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam, Sweden, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and Morocco. If we missed you, please forgive us as the pins on the map are showing up faster than we can keep track!

We're so excited to see you here, and we hope you'll keep visiting as our commitment remains to save you money and find you the deals.

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Happy vapes to each and every one of you!

from the VaporJoes Canada Team.