Sunday, November 10, 2013

CONTROL YOUR MECH - Vamo Control Heads for Mechs - $23-$26

... it's Fasttech

Vamo Control Heads for Mechanical Mods at Fasttech
Vamo Control Heads for Mechanical Mods at Fasttech

Got a straight voltage mod that you're just not getting the use from? Want to give a mechanical the control of variable wattage or voltage? Here's an effective solution, even if it is a little weird-- Vamo Control Heads!

Each control head has all the familiar features of the popular Vamos, but with one notable difference - a 510 connector instead of a battery tube, that allows you to connect it to any 3.7 volt wired or mechanical device to create a variable device! No kidding!

Available in stainless steel and Vamo versions: 2S, 3S, 4S and 5S. 

So now we just want to know what you call it.... does pairing it with a Nemesis give you a Vamesis? How about a Vam-o-Bam? A Vami-You? Vamagua?.... or our favorite: the Vamoldiac!



$23-$26 - Ships free

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